In February 2019, I published a book of poetry called Maansiirtokoneet vetäytyvät etelään. The style of my poetry has often been descibed as surrealism.

As part of the artist group MUU Writes, I write texts about art exhibitions in MUU galleries. The text are published in the exhibitions and also in internet. First text from 2018 was about the exhibition of Timo Kokko, and the next of Pia Männikkö

Two of my stories were published in two storybooks for children, Seikkailuja satumaissa, 2017, and Satumaiset salaisuudet, 2018, published by Lector.

In 2017, I was one of the winners of the poetry competition Debytoi runoilijana of the magazine Nuori Voima.

In 2017, I had a textual performance, ”Poetic Portrait”, in the festival Art Fair Suomi 2017, where I was writing poems ”on demand” for the audience.

[Poetic Portrait, textual performance, Art Fair Suomi 2017]