Interactive art

My sound art projects, Zorm and Sormina, have their roots in interactive art also, because they rely on the user interface created by myself. In addition to the instruments, I have published interactive works also in exhibitions. Interactive Flash has been with me several years.


In 2015, I had an exhibition at the MUU gallery with several video works and an interactive installation called In the Picture. This work consisted of a video screen, in front of which the audience became part of the work. The video image of the viewer was captured and manipulated according to the movements of the viewer. (Watch the work in my yuotube account)


I have created interactive art in the Flash environment. These animations need a flash player installed in the browser, which is available only for desktop computers.

(Flash movies cannot be played in mobile)

Wings 2.0

Wings 2.1

Folds 1.0

Folds 2.0

Folds 3.0

Folds 4.0

Folds 5.0